Sailing cruise in the sunset on the Scharmützelsee Lake

This night was just perfect. After the time in early July with over 36 ° C hot air temperature was on June 6. July a breath of fresh air over the bridge in bad Saarow. To the sky over the Scharmützelsee Lake showed blue cloudless in a dream.

Four crew came on board and set sail with skipper Steffen. Over at the Werl, she sailed on the Scharmützelsee Lake. The wind picked up it, so that the trip up to Wendisch Rietz went.

Against 20: 00 the wind fell asleep then and the Sun sank slowly over bad Saarow.

If you could wish a day of sailing, he'd look exactly so. According to the crew and skipper Steffen against 21: 00 happy again by Board went.

The "Sunset Sailing" sailing trip takes place every day from 18 h to 20 h from bad Saarow. Places can be booked online at

Sailed will be with 10-metre high seas suitable for sailing boats "Bavaria 37". Up to 10 people can sail.

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