The best leisure activities on Lake Scharmützel

In addition to the fellow sailing trips on the Scharmützelsee Lake, there are many other leisure activities. We introduce here these on this page.

Things to do on land

Segway – the Agency Sun 3000 is a specialist for Segway Tours. This last between 1 to 5 hours. Because the starting point in the vicinity of our yachts, both activities can be combined very well with each other. Well maintained, you can play tennis tennis – at the Scharmützelsee Lake. The skirmish Hall located Rietz on the western shore at elevation of the hotel a pink on the half of way of bad Saarow Wendisch. Golf – also a pink is a best golf courses at the hotel located in Germany. The world's largest golf Cup at the a-rosa golf on the Scharmützelsee Lake here would almost have been discharged. Horse riding – also at the a-rosa between bad Saarow and Wendisch Rietz is a Stud. Cycling – the Scharmützelsee Lake is quite wonderful for a bicycle tour. A signposted cycle path leads around Lake Scharmützel. And also in the nearby Storkow is a beautiful tour name "Eagle meets Pike-perch". You can rent are bicycles at many hotels or directly at the largest bike rental in bad Saarow "Home of Bikes". (Golmer Street 6A, 15526 bad Saarow) Hiking – the Rauener mountains in the vicinity of our berth offer many hiking trails of different lengths. The Rauener stones are a popular destination. Also an observation tower is located next to these huge boulders. Climbing park – climbing the company team pulse is near our berth. (

Playgrounds on the Scharmützelsee Lake

Families with children can find many beautiful playgrounds around the Scharmützelsee Lake. Playgrounds in bad Saarow – near of the Hotel Esplanade resort & SPA is located on the Swan lawn a nice playground. Ideal for parents is that a small café of maritime is located next to the playground. (Seestraße 49, 15526 bad Saarow) Playgrounds in Wendisch Rietz – a beautiful adventure playground is located in the vicinity of SATAMA resort & SPA on the Scharmützelsee Lake. (Strandstraße 12, 15864 wendisch Rietz) Playgrounds in Storkow – located right next to the beautiful bascule bridge a nice children playground. This belongs to a day care center, can be used also outside opening hours. (Heinrich-Heine-Straße 61, 15859 Storkow) Also located in Storkow, the Irrlandia – the large amusement park in Storkow. This theme park is run by a club. (Lebbiner str. 1,15859 Storkow)

Leisure activities on the water

Electric boat – in bad Saarow you can rent at YAAS electric boats. These can be rented without a driver's license. The station is located at the height of the Esplanade resort & SPA. Rent electric boats on the Scharmützelsee Lake Passenger ship – for all who wish to take it very easy, can be dropped with the passenger ship of the Scharmützelsee Lake. This activity also is a nice combo to our sailing trips. Wakeboard drive – even the wakeboard, is possible in our vicinity. Petersdorf, North of bad Saarow, the WakePark is located in Petersdorf. SEA – the seaside resort in Bad Saarow and surf & fun in Wendisch Rietz can you rent SUP boards and cruise on the Scharmützelsee Lake.  

Boats for rent in bad Saarow & Wendisch Rietz

Boat rental – the Scharmützelsee Lake is a perfect place to spend pleasant moments on the water. You can borrow boats located in many places on the Scharmützelsee Lake: Boat rental in bad Saarow – directly on the promenade in bad Saarow in front of the Hotel Esplanade are two stations for pedal boats, electric boats, pedal boats and sail boats. In the seaside resort of bad Saarow it is possible to rent SUPs (standup Paddeling boards). A station is operated by yacht Academy Axel Schmidt, the second by the firm hire me. Boat rental in Castle Park bad Saarow on the East banks of the Scharmützelsee Lake – directly in the large settlement of holiday "Schlosspark bad Saarow" one can pedal boats, rowboats, Paddle boats, motor boats and sailing boats rent. The operator is how in Wendisch Rietz "Surf & Fun". Boats for rent in Wendisch Rietz – directly in the large settlement of holiday "holiday park Wendisch Rietz ' one can pedal boats, rowboats, Paddle boats, motor boats and sailing boats rent. The operator is "Surf & Fun" like in the Schlosspark bad Saarow. Boat rental at the hotel a pink bad Saarow – the yacht Academy Axel Schmidt operates also in the hotel a pink large boat rentals. Here you can borrow electric boats, sailing boats, motor boats, surfboards and catamarans. There is also a shop for sailing gear. (

Things to do in bad weather

Sauna – in Wendisch Rietz, approx. 100 meters from the wharf, located the SATAMA sauna resort & SPA on the Scharmützelsee Lake. The SATAMA is a high-quality facility, with ten saunas, relaxation rooms, SPA facilities and a high quality restaurant. ( Thermal Spa in bad Saarow, approx. 400 metres from the dock, is located the Spa bad Saarow. ( Boat trip – one of the attractions at the Scharmützelsee Lake is of course bad Saarow a ride with passenger shipping. For 9 euro (1 h) or You can explore the Scharmützelsee Lake relax over coffee and cake €14 (2 h). ( Steamer ride & walk – who the tour would like to connect with a walk, leaving just one or two stations before its terminus in bad Saarow. By the penultimate station of tour of "Theresienhof" walking about 5km to bad Saarow. From the station "Cecilienpark", there are still 2, 3km back to the start port. Which activity is missing here? Just write a comment.

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