A fantastic sailing into the sunset on June 6. May 2016

The weather was already spring and idyllic this long Ascension weekend. Sailing into the sunset began at 6: 00 on Friday evening. Four crew had signed up. After a short welcome and briefing, we started the engine and drove on the Scharmützelsee Lake.

The wind was very good throughout the day. But they subsided suddenly exactly 18: 00. So calms we up to great Werl"", to get to the larger part of the Scharmützelsee Lake. There we set sail and switched off the engine.

Initially we were progressing very slowly. The wind had almost completely fallen asleep. So we relaxed us aboard and looked around on the Lake. In such a situation, you can very well learn that sometimes just wait. After a quarter of an hour, the wind picked up and pressed noticeably in the sail. Now we were on the move again and could cross into the South.

The wind from the South remained loyal, to us so that we could sail cod up to the Café. Meanwhile, the wind was so strong that the helmsman was hard sailing on the wind.

Sailing on Lake Scharmützel
Sailing on Lake Scharmützel

At 20: 00 in bad Saarow to be back, we turned cod at the altitude of Café and sailed downwind wind back to the port of departure. We opened the sailing and enjoyed our leisurely ride into the sunset.

The light was now always mild and romantic. The air was warm and spring. On board it felt complete relaxation. Bernd loved its place front bow. Here you can feel the wind and hearing the water splash.

Relax on the bow of a sailboat on Lake Scharmützel
Relax on the bow of a sailboat on Lake Scharmützel

We sailed again on the "great Werl" over in the direction of bad Saarow. On the horizon, we could very well see the Rauener mountains and the observation tower. The Golden Sun sank slowly. Time for us to sail to catch up.

Finally we started the engine shortly before the port, made it clear lines and fender and built again in bad Saarow. That was really once again a wonderful sailing trip in the best weather, which you could wish for.

Link to the offer of "Sunset Sailing"

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